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Are You Seeking Asylum In The United States?

Every year, thousands of people flee their home countries to seek asylum in the United States. Unfortunately, it is not easy to attain asylum. There are numerous complex administrative processes and the U.S. government has a ceiling on how many asylees it will accept.

If you wish to seek shelter in the United States, we are here to help you. Sadri Law, P.C. has helped numerous individuals and families navigate the legal process to attain asylum in California.

Take Action And Get Results

Words are nothing without action behind them. Our clients hire us because they know that we will take proactive steps and achieve results. We will develop a practical strategy to reach the outcome that you need. Then, together, we will work tirelessly to achieve it.

We handle several other immigration issues aside from asylum. Whether you wish to petition for a green card, bring a family member to the U.S. or prevent your removal, we can represent you.

Compassionate Help For Diverse Clients

We also bring compassion and a listening ear to every case we handle. We understand that fleeing an unstable situation in your birth country, traveling to a new land and undertaking a complex legal process are not easy. We have worked with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Latinxs, Sikhs from Punjab, members of the LGBTQ community, domestic abuse survivors and survivors of female genital mutilation.

More Information About Asylum Is Available

You can schedule an initial consultation our office in San Jose to talk to us about your asylum clam. To reach us, call 408-351-8848 or send an email. We represent clients throughout Silicon Valley and California.