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Prepare For Your Credible Fear Or Reasonable Fear Interview

If you are in the United States or plan to come to the United States, you may intend to apply for asylum. If you have not had serious legal troubles with the United States before, this is called an affirmative asylum application. If your application is accepted, the next step will be a credible fear interview with an asylum officer or another government representative.

Your Credible Fear Interview

At your credible fear interview, you will have the opportunity to explain that you are afraid to return to your country. You may have a credible fear of torture or persecution because you are a member of a particular social group.

If the outcome of this screening is positive, you will be able to move on to the next step: eligibility to present your case for asylum before an immigration judge.

Your Defensive Declaration Of Reasonable Fear

You may already be in removal proceedings because of an aggravated felony conviction or reinstatement of a previous order of removal. As part of a defensive request for asylum, you may present evidence of reasonable fear of torture or persecution if you return to your country. If you are successful, you may be placed in “withholding only” proceedings before an immigration judge. That judge will then determine if your removal should be withheld or deferred because of the threat of torture or persecution.

Sadri Law Is Ready To Take Action On Your Behalf

If our law firm works with you on your asylum cause, we will not waste your time. We will get to work quickly to develop and implement powerful strategies to give you the best chance at obtaining the refugee status that you seek.

Every case we take up receives our close attention and best efforts. Our diverse list of clients includes Latinxs, Sikhs from Punjab, members of the LGBTQ community, and survivors of abuse and female genital mutilation. Whoever you are and whatever are your reasons for seeking asylum, we want to hear your story.

Get More Information About Asylum Interviews For Credible And Reasonable Fear

We would like to meet with you in person, if possible, in our San Jose area offices. We can also counsel you by phone or through a web conference. Reach out to us by calling 408-351-8848 or sending an inquiry email. Clients come to us from throughout Silicon Valley and California.