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Can men get green cards under the Violence Against Women Act?

There is little certainty when it comes to most complex administrative and legal procedures, such as applying for a green card under the Violence Against Women Act. It is also typically unwise to approach these types of problems with an intuitive strategy.

Specifically, you cannot always apply common-sense reasoning to legal names or terms. Some words are jargon: They might have a different meaning in the law than they do in common language. Others terms, such as “Women” in the title of the VAWA, are simply not descriptive of what the law could do for you.

Can men apply for green cards under the VAWA?

Yes, men may apply: As per the USCIS website, VAWA provisions apply to men just as they do to women. This means that, as a man, it could be possible for you to get a green card under this law.

Although it might seem strange to you to use a law with the word “women” in it, there is nothing abnormal about this situation. In fact, this aspect of the VAWA simply amends a different law — the Immigration and Nationality Act, specifically — to give you these rights to file a confidential application to gain independence from your abuser.

Who is eligible to file under the VAWA?

Now that you know you are eligible as a man, you should know that you also must be eligible in terms of your specific situation. This could be difficult — the criteria for filing under the VAWA are somewhat complex. Further, failure to show that you meet all requirements could delay your application or damage your chances for a better life.

Nobody deserves to live with an abusive family member, but getting freedom might take some careful strategy on your part. Again, assumptions and intuitions will probably not help your case. If you approach the situation from a sound legal standpoint, you should have the best possible chance of success.