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What is a T visa?

The Violence Against Women Act is responsible for the creation of several types of alternative visas to assist battered women. One of these visas is the “T visa.” This visa’s purpose is to help victims of “severe forms of human trafficking.”

There are up to 5,000 T visas available from the US government in any particular year. It is also possible for spouses and any unmarried children to qualify as a dependent of the recipient of a T visa. According to the American Immigration Council, there is no limit on the number of visas that qualified family members can have.

Am I eligible for the T visa?

In order for the US government to grant you a T visa, you must first be a victim of human trafficking. You must also be present in the United States as a result of this trafficking. Additionally, you must be willing to assist law enforcement officials prosecute traffickers. This requirement does not exist if the victim is under 18.

Finally, the victim must prove that an outside entity will subject her to extreme hardship or harm if forced to leave the United States.

Is a T visa permanent?

No, it is not permanent right away. If the United States government decides to issue you a T visa, it will be good for an initial duration of four years. If you maintain a physical presence in the United States for at least three of these years, maintain good moral character, and continue to cooperate with law enforcement it is possible that you will qualify for permanent resident status.