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Permanent Residents In The U.S.: Will Marital Problems Put Your Green Card Renewal Or Citizenship Application At Risk?

Marriage is a journey full of challenges even under the best of circumstances. For noncitizens living in the United States, a marriage in trouble can bring immigration worries as well as family problems. This is especially true when a conditional green card or regular green card depends on the marriage.

You, a green card holder, and your American or immigrant spouse may be struggling over cultural differences in your marriage. For example, you may have different ideas about gender roles and how to raise your children. You may have other typical marital problems, too: disagreements about money, gambling issues, in-laws problems or spouse with addictions. These are common human problems, but concerns about your immigration status can cause extra stress and worries.

Sadri Law has been a source of help and solutions for many green card holders working on marital problems. Contact us to discuss your concerns and possible immigration solutions.

Will Family Troubles Mean Immigration Troubles, Too?

Domestic stress can make you worry about what will happen to your permanent resident (LPR) status if your marriage breaks up. Maybe divorce is not happening yet, but your husband or wife is not cooperating when it is time for you to renew your green card or apply for citizenship.

Arguments may be increasing in your household. Will you be forced to choose between living in the United States with your children and feeling peaceful and safe at home? California attorney Elham Sadri is here to support you at this time. She can help you understand your options and move forward with as many choices available to you as possible.

Find Answers And Direction When Marital Problems May Bring Immigration Complications

You may want to stay married but you need time to work on your marriage without immigration worries making things worse. Ms. Sadri has guided many other green card holders through uncertainty. Many have found immigration solutions and greater peace of mind at home.

To schedule a consultation with immigration attorney Elham Sadri in the San Jose area, call 408-351-8848 or complete and send our form on this website.