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Are You Ready To Fight To Stop Your Deportation? So Are We At Sadri Law, P.C.

It is easy to be frightened and discouraged if you are at risk of deportation. However, remember this: Many people have faced deportation, persevered and found ways to stay in the United States. We know because we have helped many of them.

What are some possible deportation defenses in your case? Bring this question to a consultation with attorney Elham Sadri and get fresh ideas. Then hire our law firm and work with us to fight your deportation threat. You may succeed through one of these paths or another one:

  1. Claim your derivative citizenship or become a citizen: Were either of your parents or any of your grandparents U.S. citizens? You may be eligible for derivative citizenship. We have helped many clients assert their existing U.S. citizenship or complete the naturalization process. .
  2. Seek a waiver or cancellation of removal: You may qualify for relief from the threat of deportation under a wide range of circumstances. Ask a lawyer to review your background and options.
  3. Apply for asylum or a refugee waiver that may allow you to stay in the United States: You may be able to present compelling humanitarian reasons or demonstrate reasonable fear of returning to your country because of potential torture or persecution.
  4. Apply for an adjustment of status: Have you and your American boyfriend or girlfriend thought about marriage someday? Moving your plans up may provide a path to stay in the U.S. Or you may be eligible through an American parent or a child over age 21.
  5. Choose voluntary departure: If evidence shows that you are likely to be deported no matter what you do, you may choose to leave the country voluntarily. Then, you will not have deportation on your record and you may have much greater possibilities for returning to the U.S. legally, without waiting for many years. If we at Sadri Law advise you through this process, we can continue guiding you while you are outside the U.S. in pursuit of a successful return.

This list is not comprehensive. The descriptions are brief and general. Your circumstances are unique. Personalized legal counsel is the first step to fight back when deportation is a threat.

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